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Stampede Strength And Fitness Expo

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This event will be held in the "Community South Park" Area of Calgary Stampede. This is the old "Indian Village" Area, right beside the South Erlton Gate. Check out the stampede page for a map.

Professional Strongman Competition

See what some of the strongest men in Canada are capable of:

  • Starts at 3pm on Saturday July 15, and 3pm on Saturday July 16. (Two day competition)
  • Featuring JF Caron and Jimmy paquet, Canada's #1 and #2 strongmen from Quebec. JF was 5th strongest in the world this year.
  • Also featuring Western Canada's top 3 strongmen, all local residents of Alberta.

Events List:
  1. Loading Medley (300lb grain bag, 355lb natural stone, 375lb packer coil)
  2. Stampede President's truck deadlift
  3. 200-300lb natural stone press overhead
  4. 900lb Bale Yoke Walk
  5. 290lb Axle Press for reps
  6. Bale squat for reps
  7. 850lb Tire Flip for reps
  8. The classic Atlas Stones from 270lb to 420lb

Mark it down in your schedule to be here to watch these incredible feats of strength. This is the strongest competition held in Alberta EVER!

Amateur Men//Women Strongman Competitions

Come cheer on your local strongman competitiors!

  • Starts at 11:30am on Saturday July 15(men), and 11:30am on Sunday July 16.(women)
  • Featuring 3x Canada's strongest woman Allison Lockhart and the world's top MW Woman Jess Theaker
  • Also featuring some of the top amateur strongman in Canada and the USA.

Highland Games Competition

Check out some of the top highland games athletes in Canada.

  • Starts at 11:00am on Saturday July 15
  • 3 of the top 5 Highland Games heavy event athletes in Canada
  • Events include Sheaf toss, Weight over bar, Caber toss, and more.

Crossfit Workouts // Competitions

Crossfit MOST is putting on competitions and workouts for the public, featuring Crossfit Games athlete Emily Abbott.

  • Competitions at 1:30PM, 4:30PM, and 7:00PM on Friday, July 14
  • Crossfit Demo featuring Emily Abbott at 2:00pm and 5:00pm on Friday, July 14
  • Olympic Lifting demo at 6:30PM on Friday, July 14.

Powerlifting Exhibition

Calgary Barbell and RA Muscle Power are putting together a powerlifting exhibition

  • Exhibitions all weekend
  • Miltary Press // Curl expo on Friday, July 14 from 11am-2pm.
  • Deadlift only competition on Saturday July 15 at 7pm.
  • Elite bench press expo onSaturday July 15 at 11am-2pm

Grip Sport Exhibition

Mind over Metal and Alberta GripSport showcase some of the strongest hands in Canada.

  • Exhibitions and strength challenges all weekend.
  • Steel Bending // Phone Book Tearing demo on Saturday, July 15 at 1pm and 7pm. and Sunday, July 16 at 1PM.
  • Buy 100% hand bent steel art.

Mas Wrestling

Mas Wrestling Canada will be down to demonstrate this unique sport.

  • Exhibition matches all weekend. Try against your friend!
  • Mas wrestling expo at 11am on Sunday July 16.
  • Face off against some of Canada's best!